Hair Simulation

What is hair simulation?

Hair simulation is a non-surgical permanent makeup method.

Hair simulation permanence time varies from person to person.

It is usually enduring 2-5 years. then it needs renewal.

Whether you have a thin hair or baldness, hair smulation is applicable.

Hair simulation turkey  is really cheap.

Hair simulation expert Orçun YILDIZ is located in adana region (Orçun YILDIZ Hair Simulation Center Adana)

Hair Simulation will have miraculous effects on your hair.

Does hair simulation change color?

The answer to this question about hair simulation color is completely related to the quality of the dye.

Is hair simulation harmful?

Hair simulation should be done with high quality and suitable dyes

Hair simulation must be made by an expert team.

Orçun YILDIZ Hair Simulation Adana for hair simulation examples

Is hair simulation suitable for women

Hair simulation is suitable for women.

Where is hair simulation done?

Hair simulation is done by serious teams such as orçun star hair simulation center.

Does hair simulation scar ?

Hair simulation completely covers serious scars such as scar, surgery scar, stitch scar.

Does hair simulation damage hair?

Hair simulation should be done according to the rules.

If hair simulation is done properly, there is no harm for the hair. .

Helps hair loss.

I had a hair transplant. can i get a hair simulation?

Yes, hair simulation is a complementary method after hair transplantation.

What’s the difference between hair simulation and hair transplantation?

Hair transplantation is a transplant method that provides surgery and a long period of recovery.

Hair simulation is a simple painless harmless method done in a few hours.

How much does hair simulation cost ?

Hair simulation is 1000 – 3000 dollars in the us market

Hair simulation market in turkey 250-500 dollars

To see examples turkey hair simulation.

Tou can follow the accounts below.




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